Four Forty Fitness for Women

You won't come here to work out... You'll come to change your life.


We believe every woman must have time for herself. Time to clear her mind, recharge her energy, nurture her soul, time to experience inspiration, motivation, and energy… in a space dedicated to her whole being.

Welcome to Four Forty Fitness... your sanctuary, devoted to a personal commitment that you make to yourself. It’s time to get personal!

We are thrilled and humbled to receive the 2011 Burlington Post Reader’s Choice Platinum Award for a Women's Only Fitness Club! Our mission is simple: to provide a beautiful, clean environment, excellent programming with a personal approach and awesome people delivering service everywhere in the club.

 We believe that achieving excellence is a constant journey, and that’s why we constantly focus on achieving it.

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Is Alcohol an IBS Trigger?

JUN. 16 2014
Is alcohol an IBS trigger? Yes! Alcohol is a strong GI irritant (and a potential colon carcinogen).  It can cause painful spasms, urgency, and diarrhea, as well as bloating and rebound constipation. The worst drinks? Ones that contain other IBS trigger... read more
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